The time we made an action movie...

Ese Okagbare 15 minute read

Sometime in 2010 or so, Ese Okagbare who was our lead mobile developer on the Quickteller and mobile banking stack was exploring his interests in storytelling and movie-making.

We used to discuss ideas around making comedy skits as a way to hone his skills, then one day we hit the jackpot. He came up and said "Hey, Marketing asked if I could come up with a low budget video to sensitize staff as part of the coming rebrand exercise... let's make an action movie"... It sounded fun and I thought, why not. 

So, we convinced Halima, Ronke, BigKufs and a few of the guys to come on a saturday. No rehearsals, no one had read the script, nothing. Let's just make a movie for the fun of it.

See it here

Ese has since gone on to found WHPH Media, thoroughly improved his art and become a top notch Director for a few productions.