What disruption looks like? These charts will explain. But then...

Boma Tai-Osagbemi 2 minute read

In the beginning...

Ope stumbled on a few tweets by Valar Afshar (@valarafshar) this morning that were very instructive so he passed it around the office. I found them eye-opening in showing disruption of specific industries by presenting charts that drive the point home. Very, very valid points/trends to note.

Luxury vehicles



Large Retail



 Intracity transportation

Entertainment distribution



The thing with data though...

...is that one can present only the aspects of it that help to make one's point. Kind of like the law, scripture, etc. 

Luxury vehicles

Electric vehicles in total have a Tiny market share versus total  car market. 

The total Market share of Tesla S is not significant to be listed among the top 12 brands. 

Could it be that rich people are just bored and testing their hands on an electric car?


Amazon isn’t Just a Retail company. 

It is the world’s largest provider of pure cloud services ($6b/year).

This has quite some impact on the perception of the company in the public markets.



That said...

Please keep your eyes on trends. Especially if you work at a business that's currently winning.



Is this disruption or steady evolution? Music follows people where ever they work and play.  E.g. right now people live on their phones & PCs.

What kind of charts can be used to present payment systems evolution (or you can say "disruption" if you belong to the crowd that likes that word) trends in Nigeria particularly?



Looks like I just shamefully copied Zikoko's style.

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