Why am I often dressed in black?

Ope Adeoye 1 minute read

I have 2 answers I often give to people who notice that I am usually (not always) dressed in black. The one I choose depends on which I think will be funnier at the time. 

First answer

I want to be like Steve Jobs. Since I am not as innovative as he was nor do I have the influence, I thought I'd just start by emulating the easiest part. Wearing black. 


I don't always wear black. I have just one shirt and it happens to be black. Get it? 

Recently though, I stumbled on a quote by some fashion designer I had never heard of (not that I really know anything about the fashion world). I gather he's quite a known name in fashion circles. When I  read the quote, it resonated completely with me. I like it! 

Maybe that's why I wear black.